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Stonewines are an indie venture. Stocking over 400 wines from around the world, 40 beers from around London, Bristol, Manchester and now Leeds plus coffee from East Finchley. Every wine has a story. We like nothing better than discovering a tiny producer with just a single vineyard,  or coming across a new grape like the Nude Tintilla from Seville. As the world seems to be intent on turning itself upside down, we pledge to offer best value in prices and service. We strive for sustainability in everything we do, that includes picking winemakers with a similar philosophy, we use The First Mile for our business recycling, we serve our coffee usuing ECO friendly paper cups and compostable lids. If you want to know more, just drop us a line... info@stonewines.com
we've over 400 wines from around the world, and we really have tasted every single one. hellish work, but it does mean we can match a wine to your taste and we're happy to suggest food pairings too
a range of craft beers from within the M25, except the one from hertfordshire, and a couple more from Bristol & Manchester we went for local brewers as there are so many great beers in the region that it made sense to keep it local.
we stock Campbell & Syme, based in Finchley, they have a range of aromatic and full bodied roasts. you can buy a double shot coffee to take away, plus we sell beans in 250g packets, which we can grind for you if needed
1382 high road london n20 9bh 020 8617 0976 info@stonewines.com
1382 high road, n20 9bh 0208 617 0976
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thu 6 june 7pm tapas with @neeraliskitchen
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access parking is unrestricted from 10:00 on our (east) side of the road for pick ups, you are welcome to use our rear parking area by arrangement barrier free front entry access
if you would like to know about future events and join our mailing list, please email info@stonewines.com with the words ‘mailing list’ in the title and we’ll do the rest
beavertown specials inc jawline, summer, phantom cloudwater inc DDH, DIPA, all season pale, porter
craft beer from
verdant  inc light bulb, headband brew by numbers scroll down for more
craft beer 
our stock changes on a weekly basis, so we can’t list every beer, but we can list the breweries: beavertown - we mainly stock their specials brew by numbers - pretty much everything in a can brick brewery brixton brewery bianca road, se1 cloudwater - changes almost by the day! five points brewery table beer gipsy hill - specials & core range hammerton - n1 & n7 plus a milk stout howling hops island records ipa and jamaica porter lost & grounded - all the way from bristol moor beer - more bristolians mikkeller low ABV with taste! north brewery from leeds leeds leeds pressure drop signature brew verdant two tribes wild card and the urban cider from hawkes
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